​​Everyone has the ability to become an advocate.

There is no special training or specific experience required. The more voices we have behind our mission, the greater progress we will achieve toward our mission of building a center of excellence for rare conditions in Kansas City.

  • Share your Rare Story here on our website or via our facebook page here.
  • Educate your provider on your unique needs and challenges with the healthcare system.
  • Advocate for Rare -- in whatever way works for you. Share your story, express your needs & concerns, look for improvements in  the healthcare delivery system


or Volunteer

Build Our Voice. Use Your Voice.

There are many ways you can help!
You can make a personal donation, volunteer your time, or become a corporate alliance member.

If you would like more information about volunteering your time or becoming a corporate ally, contact info@rarekc.org
or use our contact form.

Monetary donations are tax-exempt and provide essential support for growing RareKC's initiative.

You can make a monetary donation online via Paypal by clicking on the donate button below.

If you prefer to send a physical check,  make payable to RareKC, and mail to:

10708 W. 129th Street

Overland Park, Kansas


Upon receipt, a donation tax acknowledgement will be mailed back to the donor, so be sure to include the appropriate mailing address.